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Thank you for your interest in the Siemens mentoring program. The application process for the new Mentoring Program 2022/23 is now open. Please apply until December 1st 2022 . The selection of applicants will take place in winter 2022/23. We are looking forward to receiving your applications!

1. Application documents
Please submit the following application documents: curriculum vitae & performance records

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3. Motivation and objectives

Why do you apply for the "Siemens Mentoring" program? Which objectives and expectations do you associate with the program? *
What do you associate with the Siemens Group? *
Which sectors of the company are you most interested in regarding an internship or a working student placement? *
Have you set yourself a professional goal? Where do you see yourself in five years? *
Please describe your expectations towards your mentor. *
Which contribution would you make within the mentoring program? *
Do you already know, whether you endeavour to a phd or a direct entry position afterwards? *

4. Information on education and university career

At which school did you complete your general university entrance qualification and in which year? Please provide your final grade. *
Please give us an overview of your studies and the areas of expertise you have dealt with. If you have studied another subject before, please also provide this information. At which institutes and chairs do you currently study? *
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5. Practical experience and training

Have you already completed internships during your studies? If so, in which companies and in which areas did you do internships? *
Have you participated in school, university or scientific competitions? *
Are there any important milestones in your development / career (e.g. stays abroad)? *
Do you have any other professional or voluntary experience? *
Please indicate with which programs / software you already gained experience and give us an assessment of your knowledge. *
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