Siemens Mentoring


How does the application process work?

After examining the written application (submission deadline October 1st, 2017), an invitation to an approx. 30-minute selection interview with the pre-selected applicants will take place in the same month. Subsequently, the applicants are notified, whether they are selected for the mentoring program.

Who is advising me? Who are the mentors?
The program partners within the Siemens AG are the Siemens Corporate Technology Group, the corporate department Siemens Information Technology and Siemens Healthineers (formerly: Healthcare). Typically, senior-excecutives are chosen as mentors.
What benefits do I have from the mentoring program?
Every mentee is accompanied by their own mentor from Siemens AG for one year. The program provides students with insights into Siemens AG and offers them the opportunity to build an important professional network before starting their careers.


 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.