The Siemens Mentoring Program at TU Munich (TUM)

You have mastered the start of your studies and you want to know the career prospects that are offered to you after finishing your degree. The Siemens mentoring program provides you with practical answers.

Applications for the year 2017/18 should be submitted until October 1st, 2017.

Siemens Mentoring an der TU München (TUM)

The main focus of the Siemens mentoring program at TUM is the individual development – as a person and a future specialist.

(Photo: Uli Benz/TUM)


Career-building by Siemens senior-executives for TUM students: IT- or technology-related TUM students will be guided and advised by Siemens senior executives over the duration of at least one year. As a mentee, you will be able to experience the corporate culture of a global enterprise at first hand and you will be supported and mentored in your personal study and career planning. At the heart of the program lies the individual development – as a future professionals and as a person. Internships and working student jobs at Siemens ensure the practical application of your studies. 


M.K. (former Mentee): 
"My impression was very positive. Especially through personal contacts, the large Siemens group appears more multifaceted and no longer anonymous. I can see myself working at Siemens in the future."


 Thomas Wassmer (former Mentee):

"I've learned a lot in the program. I am impressed that senior executives took a lot of their time for us mentees and how they interacted with us. The company has a very family-like culture and I intend to work there after graduation."


Katie Clark (former Mentee): 
"I will finish my studies in one year and would like to work at Siemens subsequently. Thanks to the mentoring program, I see Siemens as more innovative, dynamic and more versatile than I expected it to be."